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Relentlessly Human Tour: Info Sheet

When everything is awful, the best we can do is love each other. 

When it’s happening: Nov. 17, 2021-Nov. 17, 2022

What it is: Podcast, YouTube Series, Blog, possibly a book with photos, and eventually a movement

History & Inspiration: This began in conversation with Matt Crouch on the Big Island of Hawaii, and out of a desire to reconnect in person with the people we’ve missed because of the pandemic and the way Life has scattered us. 

We’ve been locked down, separated, disconnected, and often scared and lonely. We lost deep important connections with friends and family--the connections at the root of our humanity. 

As I made a list of who I wanted to see and hug, I realized most of my friends are artists. It struck me that this tour and its public-facing components could be a fitting way to honor the art, artists, and creativity that helped us all through the pandemic. (And will probably continue to help us through the next however many years we will be dealing with this disease.)

This tour’s public-facing components are a podcast, video series (YouTube and IGTV), and written blog, with the ultimate goal of creating a movement of radical acceptance, love, and kindness towards our fellow humans.


How you can support: When possible, I am traveling in my 2008 Toyota RAV4 that has almost 200,000 miles on it already and sleeping on friends’ couches. I travel with my dog, Oakley.

Your membership at Patreon helps cover costs of podcast hosting, editing, website hosting, car maintenance, and gas to keep this tour going. Visit to support the tour.

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